Vertical Horizons Media create visual impact for your brand using cutting edge technology.


We will handle everything to get the job done from planning, permits to filming and editing.

Sit back and let us do what we do best!



Who We Are

Vertical Horizons Media is a licensed drone operator with a wealth of experience filming for TV productions, undertaking surveying and mapping tasks as well as inspection and technical consultation.

Our happy clients include numerous small companies as well as BMW, The BBC, Channel4 and National Geographic to name a few.

What we offer

We take the stress out of your hands by handling all of the planning, permits and safety before capturing totally eye catching visuals. We can even edit them ready for you to share with your customers if you wish.

We are full of creative ideas so get in touch to chat about how we can use drones to give your business a little lift!

Our Clients

Credit logo, BMW, BBC, Channel4, National Geographic



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Some interesting stats about us


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Average number of biscuits consumed on a typical shoot by our team